Actavis - Iceland


Like their other facilities, Actavis are failing external audits where cross contamination of powder from their granulation bays is affecting their particle counts and peel off mats have been proven to provide an ineffective and worse solution given their strict ISO14001 Standards and environmentally friendly facility. As they work with several different products, cross contamination provides a very high risk that can have long term mass production effects in image and cost. Wheel traffic is very dominant in these areas and although not very heavy, there is no solution to collect and retain the particles from their wheels.


Actavis chose to implement our Workzone solution to perform 3 priority functions:

  • Wall to wall installation allowing for full particle control and allow for a unvaoidable control system
  • The performance in powder retention is higher creating less risk and trapping Airbourne particles prior to entry
  • Environmentally safe with a simple cleaning regime that works under their current prorocols, minimising red tape and Quality control.

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